Saturday, January 26, 2008

Wu-Yi Tea: The World's Most Powerful Fat Burner SCAM!

I have studied traditional herbal medicines for about 15 years. Yesterday I run across "Wu-Yi Tea: The World's Most Powerful Fat Burner” used in China for over 400 years. I have never heard of this tea. How could it be? I pulled all of my traditional Chinese medicine books out, no mention of it. How could this be? The ad’s claims this powerful slimming tea is reason that most of China’s people maintain low body fat %’s. According to the sellers of Wu-Yi even Oprah Winfrey, Rachael Ray, Bill Phillips all use, promote and endorse this tea., and claim:

You will begin to see the pounds begin to melt off your body. Proven by countless scientific studies and testimonials, Wu Yi Tea is a mystery to Western society, but is gaining popularity in Hollywood and in fitness circles.

World's Most Powerful Fat Burner Melts Away Your Fat, Skyrockets Your Energy, and Cuts The Effects Of Carbs!

  • Revitalizes Skin
  • Increases Energy
  • Decreases Appetite
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Helps with Digestion
  • Improves Immunity
  • Relieves Tiredness

    Why is this miracle tea not in the TCM literature?

    To even qualify with the honor of learning more about this tea, I had to fill out my weight, height, weight loss goals, etc. Because this tea is so rare, it will only be made available to the people it will work best for. After entering my personal information I am in luck! Not only have I qualified to buy this tea, I must “Act Fast - Only -1 Risk-Free Trials Remaining” Ok; now I am far beyond being completely confident this is a scam.

    Now lets find out what’s in this $35 / month “Wu-Yi” miracle tea is. With out too much effort we discover it is simply Oolong tea harvested in the Wuyi Mountains of the Fujian Province. Now I am well aware that the place and manner in which tea is harvested and processed command premiums. But these guys are essentially tricking consumers into paying $42 (with shipping) to receive 60 tea bags containing partially oxidatized Camellia sinensis (common tea)!!

    Yes, for those who are unaware. Green, Oolong, White and Black teas all come from the same plant. The difference is in how they are dried. I don’t mean to take away from the art of tea. I love tea. I know and appreciate the great variety. But it simply disguests me to see people mislead like this.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, you saved me some money and from some disappointment.

laura said...

giggle, great job.
i wondered too!
:L, drlaura

Anonymous said...

Wow! We almost went for the bait! Thanks for the info...

Anonymous said...

Just out of interest I filled in there weight calculator to see if I was an 'ideal candidate'. Apparently at 5ft 8in and being a current weight of 45 lb and wanting to go down to 3 lb (also being 21 years old), makes me an ideal candidate, as did all the other weights I entered including my own of 170 and wanting to be 150. Hmm makes me feel that as long as your weight includes the change in your pockets, you are indeed 'ideal'.

Anonymous said...

Wish i would have read your article prior to trying this out...not only is the tea a scam but the people who are selling even bigger scam artists...its been two months that i've been trying to get a refund, even after i've sent back the unopened items.

Anonymous said...

omg...i cant thank u enough because u saved not only my money but also my energy

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for the info
they almost got me to try it !
great job ! thanks again

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the supporting facts you were able to offer. thank you. nothing's ever as good as it seems. i wonder if oolong offers any of the benefits that the ad claimed, albeit in much smaller amounts.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. I recently received my "free sample" package from Wu-Yi. I was very surprised that, as you said, I discovered it is simply Oolong Tea! They took another $59.95 from my bank account before I could stop them, but promised to pay it back upon the return of the tea they shipped me. Of course, the shipping costs are all mine! What a scam!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! My aunt fell for this one and I sampled the tea, and it's not even good tea! Some Wuyi teas really go for $35 for 4 oz/125g, but after tasting it, either I can't fix tea (possible) or this is not one of them (much more likely!).

If you want this stuff, do yourself a favor and buy some oolong teabags!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I was just about to fill in my details for the free trial but I am glad that I checked out this info before I actually ordered it..


Anonymous said...

I wished that I knew more about this tea before reordering, I went to my doc for a check up and was anxious to see how much weight I have lost after being on this tea for two and a half months still 210 pounds after wotking out on the weights resistance machines in the gym, all I got by working out was a much better muscle tone in my thighs, calf, upper arms, which I know now has nothing to do with the tea. Recent , I was sent a another box , but this time of poorer quality, the price went from $29.95 to $59.95 a box after trial period, luckly they weren't able to get the money of $59.95 of my debit card, what a scam! As a result, I cancel the orders with WU-Yi source.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. I was reading the web site and almost gave in to the temptation to order. Something made me google it before I placed and order. You saved me money and disappointment.

Anonymous said...

I was looking at a site that was going to give me 60 bags for $1.95, but then charge $120 for each additional box! Thanks for saving me money and time!!

Anonymous said...

I knew it was too good to be true. Thank goodness for internet! Hardwork and discipline is what it takes. Thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

Likewise, I'm so happy that I googled in on you before I filled in my information. They really sound convincing, showing all the bad diets and people who had benefited from this tea. Thanks so much. Can you tell me anything about the acai berry juice?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. I almost fell for it. I wish there really was something out there that wasn't a scam. I guess good ol' fashion exercise and drinking 5 x 8oz of water a day for 6 weeks, and wathching calories just might be the way to go.

Anonymous said...

I did fall for this scam but very quickly realized, once I received the package, that they were promoting good healthy, balanced eating and exercise (something I can get at my local Weight Watchers for less money and better results). I shipped back the package and for over a month, being trying to get my money back and cancel my account. Not to mention the additional charges that keep appearing from nowhere. Two additional charges showed up today and after calling was told I had to call two different numbers to cancel those charges. When called, only short office hours are available. This is worse than the usual diet hype scam due to the unbelievable way they sucker you into all the additional charges and make it almost impossible to cancel them.

Gemma said...

Yep, luckily i decided to research before i was dupped into another internet scam...Thanks for this info, saved me much time, money and dissapointment.............

kd said...

i have'nt tried it yet but i am willing too, sometimes it is good to try somethings for your self, what i will do is cancel before thay charge my card for another order and if it works then i will re-order if not then i dont, cause i really need to loose some weight. i weigh 268lbs and i need to be at 165lbs

Anonymous said...

Any idiot that reads completely the Wu-Yi website soon finds out that it's nothing more than oolong tea. Save yourself a bunch of $$$ and just buy a good quality oolong tea at your local supermarket.

And oh yes, the perpertrators of this hoax recomment a regimen of exercize.

So buy oolong tea, drink it, and undertake some moderate exercize.

Anonymous said...

I too was scammed but not by the cost of the tea or it's inability to work. They cahrged my credit card twice for 2 so called partners for the amounts of $4.95 and $9.95 without my permission! When I called to cancel they said it was in the term and condition of the Wu Yi Tea offer.
I guess the old saying of read everything before yiou sign or agree holds true. What a scam! They alos sent me an auto shipment of the product without my permission as well and of course charded me $59.95! NO Tea is worth that. I am gaining weight from the stress and aggravation of dealing with all of this BS. Buyer Beware!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I too wished I had seen your warning before ordering the tea! Now I've all these charges on my credit card and cant get any answer at the number given to contact the company.

Rachel M said...

I also was scammed by them! I went to their webpage, which wasn't working properly and decided not to buy the tea after all (a free trial for £2.50 seemed ok) but then a week later I had approximately $15US taken out of my bank account, plus two bank charges for converting the currency. I never received ANY confirmation or anything, and now I find I've been charged AGAIN! They do not respond to emails except to tell you that you would have had to click on a confirmation page therefore it's your fault. Swines!

Anonymous said...

After I got my "discount", I clicked the orange arrow at the bottom. I'm assuming I was going to be directed to another page but it wasn't working, just kept loading. I didn't give my credit card number, but I did give my address and cell number. This might sound like a stupid question. Since I wasn't able to get to the last page, was my information sent to them? If not, then thank goodness.

Anonymous said...

This is a big scam. If you fall for it immediately cancel your debit or credit card. Ring up and report it stolen. See your bank the next day and advise them that you are disputing any transactions that the Wu Yi Tea people take out. This is the only way to stop them taking money out. The scam works by informing you that you can cancel your account, you cancel it and they will sometimes send you a email confirming this but stating that the products have been sent to you and you must return them in 14 days to get your refund. Heres the catch the address you return them to is fake and in any case you will not have enough time to return the product unless you pay for it to be posted by air! To top it of the 'tea' you receive can be bought for a couple of bucks in any shop. Its a clever scam and blurs the lines between a civil disagreement and a criminal offence. If you fall for this in Oz report it to the ACCC.

Jess said...

I don't think it's a complete scam. I've hear of it working.

Anonymous said...

I had to loose money to figure out this one was one of the biggest scams ever. The site said pay for S & H 4.99 ( they billed my cc two times) of course this is the catch. What I did not read was that I should cancel before 14 days. Now I should have read the fine print and I would have realised that I would not see any results by the 14th day. So on the 15th day they billed my cc for the full amount.

Here is a partial conversation online with "Trish"

Trish: Please return the portions of tea you wish to be refunded for to:
Wu-Yi Source
1725 McPherson Court
Pickering, Ontario
L1W 3H9
Please send package back either UPS, FedEx, or if you prefer to ship via CanadaPost, please ask for "Delivery Confirmation". You will be provided with a tracking code - it is very important to PLEASE KEEP THIS TRACKING CODE.
Refunds are processed every two weeks; you will receive an email from us immediately after we have refunded you. Please include correspondence in the package with your reason for return and write your RMA number CLEARLY on the outside of the package so that we can identify it as yours, which is:
Trish: 3706544
You: Let me get this straight I will only be refunded for the portion that is unused? How do you figure this one out?
Trish: No you will refunded for the full pack
Trish: Yes

Anonymous said...

I, too, discovered this tea thru an advertisement on another site.I ordered the tea - free for paying S&H of $4.95. Then after the 14 day you pay $59.95. Well I canceled my card ...The tea is being shipped. So the $59.95 will not make my account. Does this mean I still have to pay that, even tho I do not intend to open and use the tea. Will return it. Regards,

veena said...

i really wish my desperation to lose a few pounds the easy way didn't cloud my judgement in this case.
I was sucked in too. after so having 228.55 aus$ debited from my account and nothing to show for it but the initial 'free' offer, i'm pretty annoyed with myself for being so dumb!
i managed to 'speak' with someone via the live email chat link on the wu yi website.
I'm hoping no more money is debited from my account. I really don't know what action i can take at this stage.
a word of advice to anyone who is curious.....DON'T Fall For It!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Noticed something strange about the site. I had been on it before out of curiosity and saw the notice about the "special" 14 day trial which was dated to expire at 11:59pm that same day... which was some time around October 12th.

Well went back today and the "special" 14 day trial is still there...

Our FREE Trial Customer Appreciation Period may soon come to a close. Customers who order before 11:59 PM on Oct. 30/2008 will still qualify for our free trial. Simply check to see if you qualify to receive one of our remaining full month supplies with 14-day Free Trial period at the end of this page! For a limited time only.

...and funny the date and time has magically become whatever today's date is.

Gotta love marketing and preying on a market that is desperate for a quick fix solution.

Debra said...

Hey... i just heard about all the scam side of the tes. I have only had one tea bag and now are shitting myself because all the hidden costs. Here there everywhere...... If i cancel now i get charged for that. Now reading appar you have to cancel 2 other numbers that WU-YI gave my bank details too.. So how do i get the other 2 companies numbers or email the adress from?? What do i do? from now if i want to cancel it. HELPPP!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

when they called and asked for my credit card number, I told him that I was not interested he kept going on and on until I finally just hung up the phone in his face.

Renee said...

They got me. Not only doe they charge the cost of the 'tea' they have 'partners' and even though I signed up unchehcking all the boxes, I now have an additional 4.95 charge on my account. When I call the number I got the sales pitch from an electronic voice, then pushed 2 for 'customer services' the call was ended. Illegal, unethical, don't fall for it!!

Anonymous said...


Cosmic Sunshine said...

For anything that you order, and then realize you made a mistake, just phone and say you have lost your credit card or debit card. That way the company can no longer charge you. It is best always to look for the scam side of things on the internet before putting in your card numbers as well. We sometimes forget in our desire to lose weight. Perhaps we all need to love ourselves just as we are!

Anonymous said...

Wu-Yi Tea is a rip-off. Go to and click Live Chat to cancel your order. They’ll tell you to return the unused portion of tea (return the empty box!) to Wu-Yi USA, Army Post Road Distribution, 3600 Army Post Road, Des Moines, Iowa 50321 via UPS. Ask for “Delivery Confirmation,” and get an RMA number from Live Chat which you must include with your correspondence in the package along with your reason for returning the tea. Write the RMA number on the outside of the package. You’re supposed to do this within 14 days of receipt of the useless tea, for which they charged $59.95 U.S. If it’s after 14 days, you’re stuck with the tea.

Then call 1-866-279-6513 to cancel your surprise subscription to Insider Secrets to Weight Loss. These people will NOT refund your money ($4.95/month), but at least they’ll cancel your “subscription.”

Then call 1-800-989-5907 to cancel your surprise subscription to Comprehensive Weight Loss E-book Package. These people also will not refund your money, but did offer me a “courtesy” refund of the most recent charge of $9.95 U.S.

Good luck!!

igne_st said...

OMG! i wish i read this be4 i placed the order! please guys tell me what should i do if 1 day ago i ordered this tea and dont want to be ripped off. should i cancel my debit card? but if i ll do that, will i still receive the tea- and if yes, what should i do with it?return it?, and do i still need to call these two numbers to cancel the subscriptions?- even i canceled my debit card. please help!! i feel so stupid that i believed the crap they were saying, this article opened my eyes..

Anonymous said...

if you phone your debit/credit card people and say you were scammed and need to cancel there still might be time. give it a try.

Anonymous said...

I received a box from Wu-Yi Source today, completely unsolicited. I recently had my credit card number stolen after a purchase I made on, and I wonder if this is related. If it is, I should be ok because I did already cancel that credit card. I have no credit card charges at this time from Wu-Yi Source. I intend to take this box to the post office on Monday and refuse delivery. I never opened it. Geez, this company is awful! I can't believe they haven't been shut down yet. - Natalie

Doug said...

Okay folks, here is how I got a FULL REFUND OF ALL CHARGES ffrom Wu Yi tea. I apologize for the length of the posting, but I wanted to give as much information as possible.


In August my teenage daughter inadvertently got hooked into the Wu Yi membership scam on some website, which I think was She thought she was just ordering an introductory sample of tea, but a few days after it arrived she got a larger package containing several more boxes. She didn't open any of the tea and procrastinated about returning the tea, Then school started and no further shipments came, so she forgot about the whole thing.

Meanwhile the Wu Yi folks were billing her monthly for $59.95 plus their bogus membership fee and "web access fee." My daughter has no credit card, only a bank account where she puts babysitting money. The account came with a debit card which she rarely uses. So when the website asked for a credit card # she used the debit card #. Big mistake. In late November she tried to user her debit card and found her account overdrawn, which tipped her off that something was amiss. Obviously there's a valuable lesson there about paying attention to monthly bank statements. Four charges of $59.95 plus all the other charges added up to over $300. Her small bank account had been cleaned out.

She called the WuYi phone number listed on her bank statement and asked to cancel her membership. She also asked what to do with the tea, and the WuIy person told her to return it -- no special instructions, just return it. So she took the tea to the Post Office and sent it to the return address on the box. Several weeks later she called WuYi to check on the refund, and was told that they couldn't issue a refund without a tracking number for the package. This was the point where she decided to stop trying to handle this by herself and told me about it.

What I did:

First I checked on the web and read some of the hundreds of comments about this being a huge scam. One person gave a number for Wu Yi's headquarters: 780-416-0211, which is a Canadian area code. Someone else gave the headquarters address as 722 N 143rd St, Seattle, phone 206-883-5406. I live in Seattle so I started with the 206 number. It went to the voicemail of a woman who didn't identify herself, so I didn't bother leaving a msg. Next I called the number that my daughter's bank statement listed for the charges: 866-449-5567.

After a lengthy recording that encouraged me to visit their website, I got someone named Melissa on the line. The first thing I always do when I expect resistance from a company representative is to ask for their full name and the physical address of the building where they are. They never give their last names and are usually reluctant to state their location, but asking these questions is slightly creepy and seems to put them a little off balance. Melissa wouldn't tell me either, so I mentioned the Seattle street address I had found. She sounded a little taken aback but said that that was the correct company headquarters address, and quickly added that she was in a call center outside of Dallas. I said just a second and let her listen to me typing this info into my computer.

I then told her the whole history of the situation. As expected, she said she couldn't issue a refund without a tracking number. I explained that I didn't have a tracking number because nobody had told my underage daughter to get one. Melissa took my phone number and looked up the order# for me, which I noted down. Then she put me on hold for a couple minutes, came back and said she couldn't give a refund because they had not received the package yet.

I told her my daughter had returned the package several weeks ago, their company had had ample time to receive and process it, and I didn't care if they couldn't find it in their warehouse. They were going to refund all the charges. Now basically I had no expectation that the first person I talked to was going to authorize a refund, because that only happens with reputable companies. My goal was to consume a few minutes of her time and establish that I was determined, without threatening her or otherwise giving her a legitimate reason to hang up on me. I babbled on and on about how I was aware that when returning merchandise it's normal to contact the company first and get some sort of authorization code or a special address, and had it been up to me I would have done that, but they were dealing with an inexperienced minor and had given her no instructions, so whatever they got was what they got. Then I told her that she and I both knew Wu Yi was a scam, that I had found hundreds of customer complaints about her company on the web, that I had in front of me the email addresses of over 150 people who felt they'd been scammed, as well as the address of the Washington State Attorney General's office, who is already investigating their company. All of this was bullshit, at least as far as I know. I was just eating up more of her time. After about 5 minutes she wasn't budging, so I said I wanted to talk with her supervisor. She said sure. When I asked the supervisor's name, she didn't know. I was incredulous -- you don't know the name of your own supervisor? She hemmed and hawed but then put me on hold for another minute to talk to the nameless supervisor.

When she came back she said that the supervisor had confirmed that they couldn't give me a refund. I said fine, I'll be happy to talk with the supervisor myself now. She said the supervisor was only going to tell me the same thing. I said no she's not, because I'm going to have an entirely different conversation with her, and I'll wait while you connect me now. I also asked if she would like to add my attorney's contact information to the notes she had been typing, and she said uh... ok, sure, so I rattled off the name and phone number of a Seattle lawyer I had looked up at random on the web.

After another brief hold a different person came on the line and preemptively told me that she had authorized a refund of the most recent $59.95 charge, but that's all she could do. Things were right on track. The second person you talk to will usually do something for you, expecting to be rid of you. I asked for her name (Debra), last name (nope), and if she was at the Seattle address -- no, she was at another call center in Illinois. I gave Debra the entire history of the problem, continuing to repeat myself and demonstrate my willingness to consume her time. She mentioned that all the charges were stated in the Terms and Conditions that my daughter had agreed to, etc. I pointed out that she was a minor and could not legally make contracts, and asked for her supervisor. She said she couldn't connect me but gave me a number to call, which turned out to be the 780 number I had already gotten from the web.

Bingo. In my experience getting a non-800 number which you have to dial yourself means you are getting closer to the person you actually want to talk to. That call is usually where you either get what you want or you don't. But what happened next was a huge surprise.

780-416-0211 was answered by a wonderfully cheery and pleasant woman named Susan with a Fargo-esque accent. I didn't get as far as asking for her last name or location. As soon as I told her I was calling for a refund on behalf of my teenage daughter and gave ner my daughter's name and the order number, she looked it up and immediately said she would refund all the charges going back to the beginning. Amazing! Suddenly I was past the bouncers who couldn't do anything and was in the Executive Suite with a handful of pretzels and a martini.

As Susan pecked away at her computer we chatted pleasantly and I asked what her job was. She said she authorized refunds of payments older than 30 days, and that she also had the "Master Cancel Button." Presumably this is the button that does the real account cancellations, as opposed to the pretend ones that the front-line people do. When I mentioned that there were also some membership fees and web access fees she cheerfully said she would refund those too. I didn't even have to ask. She said she had to go to 3 different websites to do it, but she didn't complain, just click click click. She said the refunds should be posted within 3 business days, and sure enough they were. Every dime of the $300+ that my daughter had sent Wu Yi was back in her bank account in 3 days.

Total elapsed time for me: 20-25 minutes.

I hope this rambling account is helpful to other Wu Yi victims who have concluded that trying to get a refund is hopeless. It isn't. Even if it's been months. I strongly urge you to call them back and go through the above steps. I don't know whether dealing with the guard dogs was even necessary before calling the 780 number and getting the VIP treatment from Susan, but I imagine she had notes from Melissa and Debra in front of her. It may have helped that I mentioned an attorney. Or maybe not. Anyway, try doing exactly what I did. The worst that can happen is they'll say no, and the best is that you get back all your money.

In any case stay calm and businesslike. Don't lose your cool or screaming at the front-line people, because it won't help. They're just low-paid lackeys who don't have permission to do the right thing. You just have to be patient yet insistent and work your way to the person who does, usually at a non-toll-free phone number behind at least 2 layers of resistance.


Hard Yards Harley said...



Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Becky'

Becky: Welcome to Wu-Yi Source, I hope you have had a great day so far. I am happy to assist you with any questions you might have regarding the tea, which has helped countless people around the globe.

You: Yes, Becky. Please cancel my subscription to this scam website. I would like a refund too please.

Becky: Could you please provide me with your full name and email address, so that I can pull up your details?


Becky: Ok, please provide me a minute, while I locate your transaction.

Becky: You have been removed from the auto ship program and you will not be receiving any further shipments.
As per the Terms and Conditions which you indicated that you had read and agreed to before placing your initial order, you were charged the first of three discounted monthly installments of $59.95 for the three month supply of premium slimming tea which we have already sent to you. You WILL NOT be charged the final two installments of $59.95, and my supervisor has agreed to let you keep the full three month supply as a thank-you for giving Wu-Yi an honest try.
Your cancellation number is:

Becky: xXxxxxx

Becky: Please return the portions of tea you wish to be refunded for to:
PO Box 10233
Des Moines, IA 50381
Please send package back either UPS, FedEx, or if you prefer to ship via USPS, please ask for "Delivery Confirmation". You will be provided with a tracking code - it is very important to PLEASE KEEP THIS TRACKING CODE.
Refunds are processed every two weeks; you will receive an email from us immediately after we have refunded you. Please include correspondence in the package with your reason for return and write your RMA (Return Merchandize Authorization) number CLEARLY on the outside of the package so that we can identify it as yours, which is:

Becky: XXXXXXX (number)

thankyou Becky: Thanks for that information Becky, but I refused delivery for the unsolicited goods. Im fact DHL did a return to sender. I would like a full refund thanks Becky.

thankyou Becky: If not the credit card company will be instigating a chargeback procedure.

Becky: Just a moment please

Becky: We would like to inform you that you have been refunded and the refund amount would be credited to your account within 7-10 business days. Kindly check your credit card statement for a refund.

thankyou Becky: Thankyou. Could you please also cancel all affiliate membership and web access subsciptions that were also unsolicited. I would also like a full refund for those items. I would also like a recepit number for this conservation. As per before, if you do not do this a chargeback procedure will be instigated.

Becky: I have gone ahead and cancelled your subscription with Insider Secrets Expert Tips and Comprehensive Weight Loss E-Books.

Becky: If you wish to get refund then please call at 800-989-5907 regarding the Comprehensive Weight Loss E-book Package(Membership) and 1-866-279-6513 for Insider Secrets To Weight Loss( web access fee)

thankyou Becky: Thankyou. As they are front companies, I would like YOU to orgainise the refund for those items.

thankyou Becky: Could you also kindly provide a receipt number.

Becky: If you wish to get refund for ebook package then you have to call at above number.

thankyou Becky: Please read above again.

Becky: Sorry, we don't provide the receipt number.

Becky: Your whole order has been cancelled from our database.

Becky: You will not be charged anymore and will not be receiving any further shipment from us.

thankyou Becky: I will take the number XXXXX as the receipt number. Thankyou for cancelling everything. I will await a full refund in no more than 10 working days, otherwise the chargeback will go ahead.

Becky: I hope I was of assistance to you. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

thankyou Becky: Thats all. Oh, may God save your soul. (so that last bit I added ;-) )

Becky: Thank you very much for chatting with us today. We hope the rest of your day is an excellent one.

Becky: Please feel free to come back, for any further assistance. As our live chat assistance is available 24 X 7.


:-)))) that felt good!!! - now you go get them!! Make sure you print out and email to yourself a copy of the transcript.

Heather said...

So I just got the Call from a guy trying to send me the "free" tea. luckily I'm pretty educated in How scams work and new right of the hop what they were trying to do. He started by asking me how much weight i wanted to loose. I said that's not his business in a playful type way. I then stated i Don't think it's a great idea to be calling people up and asking them questions about there weight and eating habits. He responded laughing and saying he heard that in America asking girls about there weight will get them mas at you. He kept asking me for personal information but I kept declining. He was laughing a lot and telling me that I am a very smart girl. When he asked me for my name I wouldn't give it to him. He said well then what should i call you. I said call me what ever you want but I ain't giving you my name. He then proceeded to call me sweety through the rest of the conversation laughing much of the time. He started Flirting a bit asking me if i get lots of boyfriends and telling me his age. He still tried convincing me a few more times explaining the product but I kept telling him not to send me anything. He told me I was a nice and smart person. He said he would not send me anything(he better not) Then told me a toll free number i could call to ask for him if i was ever bored. Ending the conversation with more laughing and "bye sweety". Although i found it amusing I know there is so many people that will fall for this scam. So please people be careful.

Anonymous said...

Yep it is a scam. I got done for tea that is OK but extra postage and web charges for membership. They said they cancelled it. They didn't. So I am getting my bank to chase the bastards and get my money back. If it doesn't work I will report my credit card stolen

Liz Caruso said...

This is happening to me also. I canceled in November and 5 month later i am still getting charged a membership fee and a foreign currency fee which is close to $20 per month. It was on a credit card that never gets used and i had a old mailing address attached to it and have only just realized this has been happening. I have no idea how to contact them so I have called my back today to dispute the charges. I have also forwarded the email conversation I had with them back in November. I have been scammed over 150 and with these charges now is another 100. Im not happy and I cant believe these peole are getting away with this

Anonymous said...

the website wont work anymore, any ideas how to contact them?

Anonymous said...

*TOTAL SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
*DON'T BE TRICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
*PLEASE LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES.................WU-YI SOURCE IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

Anonymous said...

Please check your credit card statements after cancelling the membership. They automatically subscribe you into an online program membership of 9.95 and another charge of 4.95. These charges show up as Membership and you can be fooled as some other membership charges. Stay away from these people who are giving a bad name to the e-Commerce industry

Anonymous said...

There is NO weight loss & the amounts debited from your account is rude to say the least!

The solution? SCAM the SCAMMERS! Don't follow your tail by calling "WU-YI OFFICES", etc just contact your bank! They're a proven fraud base so tell your bank about these 'unauthorised' amounts being debited from your account and well, what the hell is Wu_yi tea anyway? Money back guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

"earncashfromgrants is the Internet property of — what else? — a Canadian company called 1021018 Alberta Ltd., an outfit that has already been sued by Microsoft and Symantec for software piracy."


Jesse Willms:

DID YOU KNOW...Jesse Willms, owner of several tea/weight loss/diet websites (one being has settled multiple lawsuits for Millions of dollars, for stealing others products?

So: software piracy, Wu-Yi Source Tea, Grants scams, AcaiBurn and now Dazzlewhite - why is this scammer not in prison!

People need to report these scams to the FTC and the FBI and get them shut down. and

Anonymous said...

just bought a box of 60 bags at the local Job Lots. i am not on a diet. actually i had no idea that this is a 'diet' product! i just really like oolong tea! i feel bad for all the people who fell for this scam!!!

Anonymous said...

This "diet" is clearly a scam. Plus true Wu-Yi tea is of superior quality that you cant bumble around the Internet for. You actually have to go to a credible, expensive tea house or China and pay a ton of money because it's rare.

However, I personally once lost 50 lbs one summer from mostly dieting and weightlifting as well as running. But I noticed when I started drinking green tea instead of diet soda, I lost weight a bit quicker than usual. I did see in a woman's world magazine that drinking green tea along with your diet and exercise program can actually increase calorie/fat burn by up to 30%. But its no miracle thing and even the kind from dollar general will do the trick. Personally I preferred the flavored kind from Lipton as the plain kind makes me think of creek water lol.

- Holly