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Rosicrucian Digest: Eleusis

Rosicrucian Digest: Eleusis
Volume 87 Number 2 2009


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This is the seventh in a series of thematic issues of the Rosicrucian Digest exploring sources that have contributed to the Rosicrucian tradition. I think most of you will really enjoy The Message of the Eleusinian Mysteries for Today’s World by Albert Hofmann, Ph.D.

The Message of the Eleusinian
Mysteries for Today’s World
Albert Hofmann, Ph.D.

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Image: Albert Hofmann; Marcus Aurelius at Eleusis; Telesterion at Eleusis; The Rape of Proserpine; Ecstasy of St. Teresa; Leaders of Zen; Persephone purifying a candidate





What We Can Learn about
the Eleusinian Mysteries
George Mylonas, Ph.D.

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Image: Eleusis;Rossetti’s Persephone


Demeter and Persephone
Charlene Spretnak, M.A.

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Image: Ceres; Persephone; Ceres and Triptolemos


The Wisdom of the Sages: On the
Homeric Hymn and the Myth of Demeter

Nicholas P. Kephalas, F.R.C.

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Image: Karyatid; Cave of PlutoTriumph of Demeter;Return of Persephone; Plato; Triptolemos

At Eleusis
Ella Wheeler Wilcox, S.R.C.

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Images: Ella Wheeler Wilcox; Eleusis Museum and Mountains

The Lesser Mysteries of Eleusis
Stefanie Goodart, M.A., S.R.C.

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Images: View of Athens from the River Ilissos; Purification of Herakles; Herakles Veiled; Purification of Herakles from Torre Nova

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

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Images: Georg Hegel; Main Entrance to Eleusis Sanctuary

The Ritual Path of Initiation into
the Eleusinian Mysteries

Mara Lynn Keller, Ph.D.

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Images: Main Entrance to Eleusis Sanctuary; Aristotle Teaching; Acropolis at Night; Votive Piglet Statue; Asclepius; Rape of Persephone; Demeter and Kore; Dionysus and Ploutos; Cicero

The Eleusinian Mysteries and
the Bee

Julie Sanchez-Parodi, S.R.C.

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MP3: Audio
Images:Rembrant’s Rape of Persephone; Golden Anatolian Bee; Minoan Gold Bee; Bees of Malia; Robert Fludd’s Dat Rosa Mel Apibus

Eleusis: The Card Game
Robert Abbott, John Golden, and the Staff of the Rosicrucian Digest

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MP3: Audio
Images: Ruins of Eleusis

Supplementary Web Articles


The Rapture of Being Alive: Reflections on a Journey to Eleusis
Elisa Cuttjohn, S.R.C.

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Images: Completion; Circle Dance; In the Womb; A New Day; Gratitude; Great New Story; Learning; Gaia; The Mysteries

Wisdom of the Sages: The Eleusinian Mysteries (Full Version)
Nicholas P. Kephalas, F.R.C.
PDF: Read article
Images: Ruins of the Temple at Eleusis; Koliva; Fronticepiece to The Golden Ass; Plutarch’s Lives; Academy of Plato: Phaedrus: Orpheus; Temple at Eleusis; Athena’s Olive Tree; Production of The Frogs; Temple of Demeter at Eleusis; Eastern Orthodox Ritual

The Eleusinian Mysteries and Other Mystery Religions
Jeremy Naydler, Ph.D.

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Images: Bronze Osiris Images; Isis Finial; Eros and Psyche; Ziggurat at Ur; Osireion at Abydos

Eleusis and the Eleusinian Mysteries
Richard G. Geldard

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Images: Telesterion at Eleusis; Mountains at Eleusis; Dionysus-Osiris; Demeter; Demeter, Persephone and Triptolemos; Phryne at the Poseidonia in Eleusis; Kore; The Ninion Votive Plaque; Eleusis and Part of the Island of Salamis; Demeter and Metanira; Hades and Cerberus; Triumphant Return of Dionysus; Hunt for the Calydonian Boar; Eubouleus


Mastery of Life at Eleusis and in the
I Ching

Antonietta Francini, M.D.

PDF: Read article
Images: Ruins of Eleusis Telesterion;The I Ching; The Emerald Tablet


If you enjoyed this issue, I also recommend Rosicrucian Digest Volume 89 Number 2 2011 on Gnosticism


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A one-day seminar celebrating the life and ideas of Terence McKenna and taking the next steps beyond 2012

WITH: Bruce Damer and Lorenzo Hagerty.and including a musical performance by Constance Demby. EROCx1 will be in attendance.

COST: $40 (lunch included) A sandwich and drinks lunch is included in the cost. Vegetarian options available.

WHEN: Saturday, January 28, 2012 PARKING:

10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Due to limited parking space in the location,
a short shuttle service will be provided (included in the cost.)

Directions for parking are spelled out in the attached map and note below.

WHERE: Nature Friends
423 Yucca Trail
Sierra Madre, CA 91024

Join Bruce Damer and Lorenzo at a beautiful location in the foothills of Sierra Madre for a one-day special event this coming January 28th. This is our kickoff event in a series of similar seminars to be held throughout the USA later in 2012. It will take you on a deep dive into the life, times, journeys, and thoughts of Terence McKenna, and then lead you to bounce his ideas and ours way beyond 2012.

Terence has been described as Copernicus of consciousness and intrepid explorer of the psychedelic plane, a scholar of history and the human condition, and an optimist about the future of our civilization. Bruce guided Terence into the virtual worlds in the late 1990s, and he will build on the themes he and Terence explored: complexity and novelty in the universe, the mind altering powers of technology, the meaning of visionary and virtual worlds, and the perils and prospects for human civilization. Lorenzo will take us from 2013 into the emerging era of cyber-enhanced humans, immersed in a meme-space stranger than we can suppose.


Dr. Bruce Damer is a visionary technologist, researcher, and pioneer of avatar virtual worlds. He has visualized and designed missions for NASA, created the DigiBarn Computer Museum and Psychedelia Archives, and leads the EvoGrid project which takes aim at the conundrum of the origin of life, and the understanding of the strange properties of the conservation of novelty. Learn more about Bruce and his work at: .

Lorenzo Hagerty is the host of the globally influential Psychedelic Salon podcast. He brings an engaging style to his teaching from his years as a naval officer, lawyer, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and award-winning author. Find out more about Lorenzo at: .

Constance Demby is an internationally acclaimed, Grammy-nominated, award winning performing and recording artist. In live concert, Constance presents a range of sonic environments, accompanied by her penetrating voice: the Cosmic-Electronic-Symphonic Orchestra performed on digital sampling synthesizers, the Hammer Dulcimer with over 100 vibrating strings, and the Sonic Steel Space Bass, a ten foot sheet of steel that produces deep, primoridal, resonant sounds. An original design by Demby, the Sonic Steel Instruments have been recorded by Lucas Skywalker Studios for use in their filmscores, and also filmed by Discovery Channel at Gaudi's Parc Guell for "The Power of Music." Learn more about Constance at: .

REGISTRATION: Register now for this very special event by sending your check or money order (sorry, no credit cards) payable to the seminar registrar:

Kenneth Symington Phone: 626-355-5571
722 Woodland Drive E Mail:
Sierra Madre, CA 91024 Fax: 626-790-6398

Ken is an author and translator of several books, among which is The Three Halves of Ino Moxo”, by Cesar Calvo, about Amazonian shamanism. Ken was also one of the 4 organizers (along with Terence, Jonathan Ott, and Rob Montomery) of the Entheobotany Seminars, held in several locations during the 1990s.

This seminar is expected to fill up quickly, and capacity is limited, so don’t wait to send in your registration as soon as possible. Make sure you let us know your phone and or e-mail address, and we will confirm your registration as soon as it is received.

If you have any questions, call or e-mail Ken at the above numbers.


Follow directions in the attached map, and park in the public parking spaces behind Taylor’s Market, at the SE corner of Baldwin Ave. and Sierra Madre Blvd. The shuttle van service will take you from the South side of the lot to the Nature Friends site (5-10 minutes.) If the parking space there gets full, there is additional parking in public parking lots to the left of it in Mariposa St., behind the shops in Sierra Madre Blvd. The shuttle van will operate continuously from the Taylor’s Market lot to the site, from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM as needed. Wait for it at the Taylor’s Market lot.

Facebook Event

Robert Anton Wilson: Maybe Logic

Robert Anton Wilson Predicts Occupy Movement: Download FREE MP3

Maybe Logic: The Lives and Ideas of Robert Anton Wilson (2003) Guerrilla ontologist. Psychedelic magician. Outer head of the Illuminati. Quantum psychologist. Sit-down comic/philosopher. Discordian Pope. Whatever the label and rank, Robert Anton Wilson is undeniably one of the foundations of 21th Century Western counterculture. Maybe Logic - The Lives and Ideas of Robert Anton Wilson is a cinematic alchemy that conjures it all together in a hilarious and mind-bending journey guaranteed to increase your brain size 2 - 3 inches! From the water coolers and staff meetings of Playboy and the earth-shattering transmission of the Illuminatus! Trilogy, to fire-breathing senior citizen and Taoist sage, Robert Anton Wilson is a man who has passed through the trials of chapel perilous and found himself on wondrous ground where nothing is for certain, even the treasured companionship of a six-foot-tall white rabbit. Featuring RAW video spanning 25 years and the best of over 100 hours of footage thoroughly tweaked, transmuted and regenerated, Maybe Logic follows a reality labyrinth which leads through the hollows of human perception to the vast star fields of Sirius where we find one man alone, joyfully accepting his status as Damned Old Crank and Cosmic Schmuck. Beaming with insight, frustration, compassion, and unshakable optimism, the ever-open eye of Robert Anton Wilson penetrates human illusions exposing the mathematical probabilities and spooky synchronicities of the 8 dimensions of his Universe. Written by Anonymous