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The Hemperor has joined the Ancestor Spirits

The HemperorJack Herer
June 18, 1939 – April 15, 2010

Our community has lost another Great Elder.

I am sad to share that Jack Herer passed away this morning


Jan Irvin of Gnostic Media is sharing a recording of Jack from the She Who Remembers audio archives in memory of The Hemperor

Download MP3 HERE

Read The Emperor Wears No Clothes

From: Portland Progressive Examiner
By: Michael Stone
Date: April 15, 2010

Jack Herer, much beloved Emperor of Hemp and marijuana hero. is dead at age 70. Herer was a tireless advocate in the battle to end marijuana prohibition. He was perhaps the world's most famous activist for the decriminalization of marijuana and the utilization of hemp.

Jack Herer was born June 18, 1939. A former Goldwater Republican, Herer became a political activist and the author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, a book which is now a classic polemic in the effort to decriminalize marijuana.

Herer argued for the decriminalization and utilization of marijuana. Marijuana has been shown to be a renewable source of fuel, food, and medicine, and can be grown in virtually any part of the world. Herer was one of the first to show that the U.S. government deliberately hides the proof of marijuana's efficacy and utility. Herer devoted his life in support of cannabis, hemp and marijuana.

In later life Herer suffered several health problems. In 2000 Herer suffered a stroke and heart attack. After recovering the activist spoke with a stutter and walked with a limp. Last September 12 Herer collapsed backstage at "Hempstalk 2009" in Portland, Oregon.

After giving a fiery speech to the crowd on the future of hemp Herer suffered a heart attack and a significant loss of oxygen. Just minutes before his speech, Herer looked fit and said, "I'm getting better and better and better. I'm healthier than I've been..."

Herer passed away after months of serious health complications following his September collapse. Herer is a true American hero who spoke truth to power. He stood up for freedom while many others failed to do so. He was a good and noble man, and he will be missed.

Dale Pendell: Magical Practice



Magical practice

A discussion with Dale Pendell

World Psychedelic Forum

Basel, Switzerland

March 23, 2008

Recording and transcription by Gyrus of

Download: MP3 right click, save target as.

READ: complete transcript

This is a transcript of a small discussion with botanist-poet Dale Pendell, a long-time practitioner of Zen Buddhism and the occult, a student of the legendary intellectual Norman O. Brown, and—as they say—a graduate of Dr. Hofmann. It took place at the World Psychedelic Forum in Basel, Switzerland, on 23rd March 2008 (read my review). A small group of people who’d just attended Dale’s talk on Zen and psychedelics gathered round a table in the busy foyer, and Dale created a focused bubble of attentiveness with his measured, colorful discourse.

MP3s of the formal talks that Dale delivered at the Forum can also be found on the web: ‘Plant Teachers and the Path of Eve‘ and ‘Psychedelics and Zen Buddhism‘.

Thanks Gyrus!

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The Magic of Corporate Personhood

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bouncing Bear Botanicals Raided

*Update April 14, 2010

I am ecstatic and some what relieved to see this great injustice taking steps in the right direction. Lets not forget this terrible incident and be prepared to fight any attempts to change law in favor the Inquisitions ability to incarcerate good people, steal their property, children and by many other means, destroy the lives of people who do no harm to society. Wishing Jon and his family all the best and I hope he sues the hell out of the abusive authorities that did this to him.

By Janet Reid
April 10, 2010

Lawrence is a focal point for the current debate in the Kansas Legislature about banning the active ingredient in an herbal substance known as K2. Follow the debate and the progress of the Kansas bills here.

Oskaloosa — The Jefferson County Attorney’s office has dismissed all criminal charges against the owner of a botanical plant distribution warehouse that was at the center of the K2 controversy.

Lawrence resident Jonathan Sloan, owner of Bouncing Bear Botanicals in Oskaloosa, was arrested in February and charged with eight felony drug offenses, including the unlawful manufacture and distribution of controlled substances.

The arrest came after federal, state and local authorities raided Sacred Journey, 1103 Mass. in downtown Lawrence, seizing the marijuana-like substance K2.

Sloan’s warehouse, which supplied Sacred Journey with K2 and a number of other herbal products, was also raided.

Investigators seized more than $700,000 in cash from the business and bank accounts and took several items from the warehouse, including thousands of cactus plants and 20 toads.

Sloan was scheduled to appear in Jefferson County court for a preliminary hearing in the case on Tuesday. Sloan did not return calls seeking comment.

Jefferson County Attorney Caleb Stegall said while the charges are dismissed, the investigation is on-going.

“My office expects to refile charges if they are warranted once the investigation is complete,” Stegall said.

Bouncing Bear Botanicals is back in operation, according to the business’s Web site. The warehouse, located on Hwy. 59 north of Lawrence, is one of the largest suppliers of ethnobotanicals in the country.

Original Post
By: EROCx1
Date: Feb 6, 2010

Jonathan Sloan

I am sorry to report that the Inquisition has decided to persecute the Internets biggest Ethnobotanical vendor and a retail herb store they supplied. On Feb 4th the FDA and local police raided Bouncing Bears Botanicals and arrested its owner Jonathan Sloan. Their main reason appears to be a smoking blend named K2 that is NOT even illegal yet, although the state of Kansas had a law in the works. This product presumably contains a LEGAL synthetic chemical substance that acts as a cannabinoid agonist like the more commonly known Spice which was proven to contain JWH-018 which is also NOT illegal. My assumption is that law enforcement agencies wanted to seize a bulk of the supply prior to the law passing so it did not find its way in to the black market. These tactics also are used to make an example out of the victims they bust in an attempt to scare of others involved.

The other charges are equally unjust. The Cacti and seeds in question have the same alkaloids as those commonly found at every Nursery including those at Home Depot & Walmart. Every Human and many other forms of life all contain DMT as did the Toads and plant material seized in this raid. Could his being targeted be due to the manner in which he offered these plants, his customer base being mainly the psychedelic community, his providing information and documentaries on how these plants are illegally used? Or was it simply because he was the biggest or his local authorities are most oppressive in the United States? It is believed that the retail store was targeted for organizing opposition against the bill to ban the ingredients in K2. If this is true, it is terrorism against civil rights.

The media is reporting that Bond was set at $150,000. However Jon's father claims it is set at one million dollars.

The current charges against Jon are:

• Unlawful manufacturing of controlled substances: Dimethlyltryptamine (DMT)

• Unlawful manufacturing of controlled substances: Mescaline

• Unlawful manufacturing of controlled substances: Lysergic Acid Amide

• Unlawful cultivation or distribution of controlled substances: Mescaline

• Unlawful cultivation or distribution of controlled substances: Dimethlyltryptamine; Chacruna; Illinois Bundleflower; Epena; Cebil Seeds.

• Unlawful cultivation or distribution of controlled substances: Bufotenine, Epena, Chaliponga, Cebil Seeds, Colorado River Toads.

• Unlawful cultivation or distribution of controlled substances: Lysergic Acid Amide, Morning Glory Seeds, Rivea Corymbosa.

• Unlawful possession of certain drug precursors and drug paraphernalia: Plastic jugs and filters used or intended for unlawful use to manufacture, cultivate, plant propagate, harvest, test, analyze or distribute a controlled substance.

Authorities may be possibly adding additional charges including drug smuggling. They seized more than $300,000 worth of product and more than $700,000 in cash from both Jon's business and personal bank accounts leaving him NEGATIVE $55,000 in the bank so that he can not hire a lawyer or post bond.

Please share this information with the entheogen / ethnobotanical community and any news as it becomes available. If you reside in Kansas protest and letter writing is defiantly in order. This truly is an injustice and I pray that this turns out as best as it possibly can.

County Attorney's Office - Press Release 

Local TV News Story
Lawrence Journal-World
Photos of the aftermath

*Update Feb 7, 2009 a message from Jon
Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note letting everyone know I am out and thanking everyone for the support they've been sending my way. I really appreciate it. I can't talk much about anything. I imagine everyone knows what my view of these ridiculous charges is already, though.

I am not allowed back in the building yet as part of my release agreement. I just now saw those pictures of my office and the warehose for the first time. And... I'd just like to say to all the people who have asked many times "Could your office be any messier?" now you know. Yes, it could.

For the people asking about donations, we have a defense fund set up already that my family has contributed to. I'm not exactly sure how it works and don't really feel right asking for donations. I've always prided myself on my independence, so it's a bit weird suddenly needing help and not being in control of my own life. I, at the very least, want to make sure if all the money isn't needed or we are able to get damages from the government, that contributors would be refunded.

My main concern is for my family. It's pretty F'd up when the government can seize the money from my 6-year-old-son's savings account to pay a drug tax for something his father hasn't even been convicted of yet (and isn't even illegal). Innocent until proven guilty? Land of the Free? Man.... This is all so insane..... I just don't want anything else to happen to them... Stopping the rant now. Probably already talked too much. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone.

Oh. All the products that weren't seized in the raid will still be shipping as normal and all orders should be caught up on Monday.

Psychedelic Information Theory by James Kent

Our friend James Kent will be presenting at MAPS conference in San Jose this week. He is also releasing the final version of 'Psychedelic Information Theory' online. I know this has been in the works for a long time and I am excited to read it. For those of you who are not familiar with his work. James is a writer and programmer living in Seattle, Washington. He is the former Editor of Psychedelic Illuminations Magazine and the former Publisher of Trip Magazine. He currently edits the extensive multi-user weblog for drug news, culture, and humor, and is a regular contributor to H+ magazine.Psychedelic Information Theory Cover

Psychedelic Information Theory: Shamanism in the Age of Reason is an examination of the nonlinear dynamics of hallucination and altered states of consciousness. By deconstructing the systems of human perception and memory Psychedelic Information Theory quantifies the limits of psychedelic perception and describes the methods by which psychedelics alter consciousness, create new information, and affect human culture. By presenting these methods in physical terms Psychedelic Information Theory offers a rational and objective model for shamanic transformation and psychedelic therapy in modern clinical practice. Written by James L. Kent.

Read Online: Online Table of Contents »

Download eBook: Release Date May 2010

Buy Hardcopy: Release Date TBA

Version: Version 1.0, Public Online Release: April 2010

More at:

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Graham Hancock - Entangled, Supernatural, Shamanism & The Origins of Consciousness

Graham Hancock-red-ice
Graham Hancock
Entangled, Supernatural, Shamanism & The Origins of Consciousness

FREE Mp3 Download: Hour 1 right click, save target as.

Join Henrik Palmgren & Red Ice Radio a fascinating two-hour program with author Graham Hancock. Author of books such as "Fingerprints of the Gods", "The Sign and the Seal", "Keeper of Genesis", "Talisman", "Underworld" and "Supernatural" he's become a legend in the field of alternative research. He discusses his latest book Entangled, a novel, and ask why he's chosen to go into the field of fiction, considering his past and excellent non-fiction works. We talk about the advantages of writing fiction. They discuss how Graham's earlier books and research have influenced the writing of Entangled.
Topics discussed: Ayahuasca, shamanism, Entangled, why a novel? Academic critics, Underworld, The advantage of writing fiction, the reality behind the story in Entangled, Therianthrope, Anthropos, "Sulpa" & "Illimani", DMT, Supernatural, apocalyptic themes, Rick Strassman, "The Spirit Molecule", quantum physics, the mystery of consciousness, ECG, Plato, soul, near death experience, consciousness, ancestors, cave art, psychedelic plants & substances, the computer, Steve Jobs and LSD, Watson and Crick, knowledge vs. ignorance, violence, fear of death, western civilization, Tibetan book of the dead, Hermes and more.

Subscribers to Red Ice Radio can listen to hour #2 with Graham. Discussing the end, the cyclical nature of civilization and how fragile western society is with its specialization and how intelligence seems to be going down, not up. We talk about inventions of a mind induced by so called vision drugs and various theories on when man first came into contact with psilocybin mushrooms, Amanita Muscaria and Soma. They talk about plants and substances that might have helped to spark the mind of ancient man. Carrying the discussion over to the preservation of the shamanic tradition, gnosis, knowledge and we discuss the Gnostics, Cathars, Knights Templar leading into Freemasonry, Rosicrucian's and we get Graham's take on the fruits of these societies and secret societies. What is the destiny of America, "The New Atlantis", who were the founding fathers and what was their intention? Discuss so called "sacred cities" and "sacred faith" and how ancient Egyptian civilization seem to have been supplanted around the world. Talk about alignments of monuments and buildings to the stars in the heaven. We ask if this philosophy can be found in modern times, with cities such as Astana in Kashakztan that have pyramids and spectacular monuments that seem to stem from the same tradition and religious beliefs. The philosophy of some of the architects and we also get Graham's take on the alien intervention theory of people such as Däniken, Zithin, Lloyd Pye and others. Don't miss this exciting second hour.

Red Ice Radio
More on
Gaian Botanicals

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Terence McKenna: Evolving Times - Mp3

This is a rare recording of a Terence McKenna workshop recorded in California in the mid 90’s. I am friends with many McKenna scholars and this is the first time any of us have heard this gem. Its a great lecture that ties together many of the ideas he has shared in other talks. I especially enjoyed the raccoon story. Thanks Lorenzo & to the un-named Salon’er who provided him with this recording. It is very much appreciated =0) So with out further to do, please enjoy & share this great Mp3.evolution-EROCx1

The Psychedelic Salon Podcast 221 – “Evolving Times ”

Download  MP3               
PCs – Right click, select option

Guest speaker:
Terence McKenna

In this two hour Terence Day (April 3rd) podcast, we hear Terence McKenna waxing his poetic best. For example: "Sometime in the last 50,000 years, before 12,000 years ago, a kind of paradise came into existence, a situation in which men and women, parents and children, people and animals, human institutions and the land, all were in dynamic balance. And not in any primitive sense at all. Language was fully developed. Poetry may have been at its climax. Dance, magic, poetics, altruism, philosophy, there's no reason to think that these things were not practiced as adroitly as we practice them today. And it was under the boundary-dissolving influence of psilocybin." "So what needs to be done is to spread the idea that anxiety is inappropriate. It's sort of like we who are psychedelic have to function as sitters for society, because society is going to thrash, and resist, and think it's dying, and be deluded, and regurgitate unconscious material, and so forth and so on. And the role then, I think, for psychedelic people is to try and spread calm."