Friday, April 9, 2010

Terence McKenna: Evolving Times - Mp3

This is a rare recording of a Terence McKenna workshop recorded in California in the mid 90’s. I am friends with many McKenna scholars and this is the first time any of us have heard this gem. Its a great lecture that ties together many of the ideas he has shared in other talks. I especially enjoyed the raccoon story. Thanks Lorenzo & to the un-named Salon’er who provided him with this recording. It is very much appreciated =0) So with out further to do, please enjoy & share this great Mp3.evolution-EROCx1

The Psychedelic Salon Podcast 221 – “Evolving Times ”

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Guest speaker:
Terence McKenna

In this two hour Terence Day (April 3rd) podcast, we hear Terence McKenna waxing his poetic best. For example: "Sometime in the last 50,000 years, before 12,000 years ago, a kind of paradise came into existence, a situation in which men and women, parents and children, people and animals, human institutions and the land, all were in dynamic balance. And not in any primitive sense at all. Language was fully developed. Poetry may have been at its climax. Dance, magic, poetics, altruism, philosophy, there's no reason to think that these things were not practiced as adroitly as we practice them today. And it was under the boundary-dissolving influence of psilocybin." "So what needs to be done is to spread the idea that anxiety is inappropriate. It's sort of like we who are psychedelic have to function as sitters for society, because society is going to thrash, and resist, and think it's dying, and be deluded, and regurgitate unconscious material, and so forth and so on. And the role then, I think, for psychedelic people is to try and spread calm."


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saw this on FB page, thank you

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saw this on FACEBOOK, psychedelic salon, thank you very much

NatureLovesCourage said...

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