Wednesday, March 19, 2014

‘Gaian Frequency’ hosted by EROCx1 on SpiritPlants Radio

Hello Friends, after many months of behind the scenes discussions, planning and preparation I am happy to announce our new show ‘Gaian Frequency’ hosted by EROCx1 on SpiritPlants Radio. Our premier episode features chilled out beats and sounds precisely mixed to accompany your spiritual journey or mediation and is scheduled to premier:

March 22, 2014 @ 7:00pm PST / 10:00pm EST

March 23, 2014 @ 8:30am PST / 11:30am EST

Future episodes will feature other psychedelic genres, guest DJ’s, musicians & producers. Further details to follow, please stay tuned, thanks for your friendship & support  

Online: 'Gaian Frequency' hosted by EROCx1
Art By: Erial Ali
Visit us on: Facebook


Unknown said...

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NorthForkHippy said...

I have to thank EROCx1 for producing Gaian Frequency. The first two shows, downloaded from the archives and played at home and on my 45 minute 1-way commute, have allowed me to climb out of the holes I keep burying myself in. I've spent years listening to mostly spoken word podcasts like The Psychedelic Salon, the C-Realm, the Extra-Environmentalist and thinking about serious shit while depriving myself the joy of listening to (and creating) Music. Music is like a drug to me, and I've used it sparingly.

Gain Frequency reconnected me to the Vibes I've been out of sync with for too long. As a drug, this is some of the most powerful medicine I've had the pleasure to use, if not abuse! If it was Weed, I imagine it would have purple hairs all in it. The Good Shit. Maybe it should include a warning label: Do not drive or operate heavy machinery (or try to interact coherently with the default world) while listening to this until you are familiar with the effects it's going to have on your psyche.

EROCx1 said...

Thank you for your very kind compliments NorthFork Hippy! I am glad my sets appear to be having the desired effect. Great inspiration for me to work on Vol 3. Peace! ~EROCx1

Joann said...

In addition to what my other half, NorthForkHippy, posted...
I need & must extend my gratitude, appreciation, and praise to EROCx1. Being one who simply can not function on a daily basis without some type of musical vibe running through my veins, I feel I have to inform you of the ecstasy I enjoy each & every time I listen to your rhythmic energies. They ripple through me like a tidal wave & take me to a realms I desire to never leave!