Monday, December 31, 2007

How to Make a Disco Ball With CDs


You can still dance to old CDs even if you don't like the music on them any more. Just turn them into a disco ball to boogie under! Here's how to recycle all those freebie and unwanted CDs and turn them into something funky and new.


Gather your unwanted CDs and cut each CD into little squares.

Kitchen shears are better for this job. This could ruin a good pair of scissors. Also, the scissors shouldn't be thin, or else your hands will ache.

To soften the CDs for cutting (and reduce splintering) dip the CD into boiling water without letting it touch the bottom of the pot. Pull it out before it starts to warp (this might take a little experimenting on your part to determine how long they need to be dipped). Use gloves to cut the CD while it's still warm.

Collect the squares in a pile. You will end up with all different sizes of little squares.

Fetch the Styrofoam ball and glue gun.

Put a hole through the ball with a bamboo skewer or any thing else. Run some fishing wire or a string through the ball and knot into a loop from which the ball can be hung.

Start by gluing the little squares from the center of the ball. Work your way up and down. Continue until the ball is covered. Leave the top of the disco ball, where the loop comes out, for last. It's a good place to put irregular bits and pieces because it's the least conspicuous.

Hang the ball. You now have a mini disco ball and you've reused the old CDs!

The squares do not need to be even but aim to keep them around the same size when cutting, as this assists with keeping them together neatly on the ball as you glue it.

If you are using craft glue rather than a hot gun, have some towels to wipe away any drips.

You can color the pieces with permanent marker to give the ball a multi-colored effect.

When using a hot glue gun, have a bowl of ice water handy so that you can dip a burned finger in immediately to ward off the pain so you can keep on going Some CDs are silver on both sides, so with CDs like this, be sure to put the shiny side out.

Things You'll Need
Old, unwanted CDs
Styrofoam ball (craft store)
Glue gun or craft glue
Bamboo skewer or a stick
Fishing wire or a string

Happy New Year!

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