Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ayahuasca Serpent Vision by Ralph Metzner

Ayahuasca and Chacruna 
Painting by Pablo Amaringo: Ayahuasca and Chacruna

Poem is from Ralph Metzer's blog entry: Ayahuasca – The Vine of Spirits

I pray to the serpent vine of visions:

               Help me heal the ancient wounds. 
         Slowly, the glittering snakes glide and slide,
         Insinuating intimately into my deepest roots.
         I’m inside the Serpent Mother now,
         Coiling, writhing, turning, squirming,
         Our bodies merged – one  skin, one spine.

         The space within expands to spaciousness,
         Our little band of travelers on the spirit boat,
         Are in the house, on the river, in the snake,
         Sailing serenely along the darkening stream.

         The Great Serpent’s body expands once more,
         Encompassing now the River of Time,
         The barque of human civilizations:
         Whole villages & towns, I see, temples & palaces,
         Pyramids & towers, kingdoms & nations:
         Egypt, Rome, India, America,
         Carried by the currents of collective fate,
         Through the millennia, one great stream, one great Snake.

          Now – continents & oceans, cloud mountains, I see,
          Vast deserts, rain forests,  river deltas,
          Are only the shimmering body of Diamond Rainbow Serpent,
          Mother of All Organic Life on Earth.

          And now – the great Earth with all her sibling planets,
          Companion worlds, Moon, Mercury and Mars,
          Spinning and whirling in stately serpentine orbits,
          Around Primordial Mother-Father Sun.

          The barque of hundreds of millions of years sails on,
          Great Cosmic Star Sun Serpent,
          Wheeling majestically around the Milky Way
          Galactic Center, Dark Source of All Radiance.

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All About Ayahuasca said...

great poem, I was wondering also why I saw snakes during my session with ayahuasca last year. I'm rarely in contact with them, but they appeared massively in my visions.