Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Timothy Leary: @ Cornell 1989

From: The Psychedelic Salon
Guest speaker: Dr. Timothy Leary

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[NOTE: All quotations below are by Timothy Leary.]

"The first very dangerous side effect of psychedelic drugs is long term memory gain. And the second is short term memory loss. And I forget the third."

"The time has come for us as a species, and for you all as individuals, to move into the post industrial society."

"We all create our own reality."

[Paraphrasing John Paul Sartre] "You can make up all the abstract gods or leaders that you want, and theories and so forth, but you’re just whistling in the dark. The existential facts of the matter are that you are in the nose cone of your own time ship, hurtling at the speed of light into a dark future, and you don’t have a clue or navigational map. And if you’re scared, well, grow up."

"The sillier a religion is the more passionately fanatic people will defend it, if you know what I mean. So you’d better be careful when you buy a god, because it can get you in a lot of shit."

"Quantum physics is all about loosening up your tight structure."

"Now think about jazz. What’s jazz about? Jazz is about singularity, about creating your own rhythm, improvising, doing your own riffs, innovating. Hey, that’s exactly what quantum physics is all about."

"The fact that you become an individual, and think singular thoughts, doesn’t mean you can’t be understood."

"The function of the government is simply to protect us, not from ourselves, but protect us from bad [impure] products."

"No matter how crazy, fucked-up an individual can be, he can’t be as fucked up as the Catholic Church."

"You know that collectivity lowers intelligence. No matter how dumb the individual is, there’s no dumb individual that could have caused World War II."

"Colleges, universities, are tax supported, state supported, or financed by wealthy individuals and trusts to prepare you to find your niche, your spot, your cog in the great industrial machine. This is a factory."

"Don’t decide to major until after you graduate. When you get 50 years old, select your major."

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