Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How to make whole root Kava Kava

A few people have asked me how do I make a Kava Kava beverage from whole roots. Many search results demonstrate how it is traditionally prepared from an Ethnobotanical perspective. This includes everything from pounding and grinding the roots with stone, volcanic rock or coral by hand to having virgins chew it then spit back into a community bowl from which everyone later drinks. Don't worry, they rinse their mouths first. Reminds me of a story Terence McKenna once told however that's a story for another day.

kava virgins

Even if your game for a traditional Kava making ceremony, good luck finding a few young female virgins to sit around in grass skirts and coconut shells chewing your Kava root for hours in the modern world. While I typically prefer the traditional use of Ethnobotanicals, I do not employ any of these techniques when it comes to Kava. I take a more modern approach. Traditions are important but are also very interesting so I encourage everyone to read some of the literature on traditional use. Take part in a ceremony if you have the opportunity. But for the here and now I describe what works well for me…

First begin with mature whole Vanuatu lateral Kava roots [from Gaian Botanicals of course.] Put about an ounce of whole roots broken up enough to fit nicely in a blender with 16 ounce of water and a couple table spoons of Soy Lecithin per person

Let it soak for a few minutes until it looks like this.
Then blend it on high for 5 minutes.
If your blender gets hot you can do 2 increments of 2 1/2 minutes
It should completely emulsify while blending
Strain it into your cup

your strainer may clog up, move the pulp around some with a spoon
Then with clean hands, press and squeeze the water from the pulp
You can now enjoy your first glass of Kava. mmm, that earthy spice taste with hints of fire. A true drink of the gods.I re-blend the pulp to make a second glass and avoid to wasting good Kava lactones.

Its as easy as that.
Please note everyone's sensitivity to Kava varies. 1oz may be way too much for some or be too little for others. Please start low and work your way up. Safety first, you can always drink more.

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Edward A. Weissbard said...

Nice guide there! I've done it this way and have had good results!

EROCx1 said...

Thanks! Ive been happy with this prep tek for years.