Saturday, September 25, 2010

Timothy Leary: From Mind to SuperMind - Mp3


FROM: The Psychedelic Salon #244: 
 Timothy Leary: From Mind to Supermind

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Date: January 28, 1985
Location: Santa Barbara, CA
Timothy Leary

“More changes have taken place in the last twenty five years, unquestionably, than in any period of human history. Just as I said an hour on the Greenwich map is a century, a decade these days seems to be a century. Can you remember the ancient history of the 1960s?”

“If you change the techniques of child rearing, if you change the very philosophy and techniques in the daily, moment to moment way that children are brought up, hey, listen, never mind university, you’ve changed that culture.

“The average post-1946 kid by the age of five had experienced a hundred times more realities, more dramas, more history, more geography, more hype, more propaganda, you name it, than the wisest, oldest, most traveled human beings of the past.”

“To a ‘factory philosopher’ a machine to think is a machine to perform many repetitious tasks.”

“Information, information is the air and the water and the bread and the shoes of the future.”

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