Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Program Yourself by Christopher Harris

'Program Yourself'

By Christopher Harris
Posted: Jan 12, 2008

What might happen when one can control their our own dopamine and serotonin levels via brain implants? Here is a short story describing one possible outcome, in which consciousness takes an unexpected evolutionary turn:

“Most people don’t realize how common brain implants have become in the last couple of years. Every month thousands of patients all over the world have electronics surgically implanted into their heads to treat problems with hearing, movement and pain, and more recently with epilepsy, vision, paralysis, depresssion, compulsive behaviour and loss of consciousness (Perlmutter & Mink, 2006; Lebedev & Licolelis, 2006; Kringelbach et al, 2007). The iPlant is just another implant, aimed at new regions in the brain.”...

“All eight implants also regulate baseline or so called ‘tonic’ electrical activity in their target cells. For dopamine we call this program Focus. People perform best when their dopamine concentrations are at an optimum level for the task at hand and most of us experience daily problems maintaining sufficient dopamine levels; maintaining concentration. Focus works similarly to the stimulants children are prescribed for ADHD, but it’s cleaner and more flexible and can be turned off, which means fewer side effects. The analogous program for serotonin we call AntiDep because it works like SSRI antidepressants. If you’re depressed or chronically anxious, chances are you were born with an underdeveloped serotonin system or its growth was stunted by stress (Jans et al, 2007). Like antidepressants, AntiDep prevents some of the more vicious long-term effects of not having enough serotonin, like overproduction of stress hormones, inhibited growth in the hippocampus, and, at least for some people, social isolation and despair (Dranovsky & Hen, 2006).”...

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Laura said...

i've been reading about new chemicals with brain effects called "noo-something". can you tell us more about these?

also, i see you have some stuff i don't know much about on Gaian Botanicals. i like what i've bought and want to explore more! would you consider doing little articles about the various things? i would sure appreciate it!
like compare Kratom and Salvia.
and if Salvia is an entheogen and "sacre" am i being disrespectful oif i just light a candle and smoke a little and ave the exploration for not so often, like Terence suggests?
does anyone else here a roaring jet engine sound when they smoke salvia?
and do YOUR animals get weird? when i smoke one of my cats acts like she's my "alient protector" suddenly all over me, purring and puddning... kneading w/ her lil feet, like she wants me to be happy or is a "guide"
anyway, dumb questions? or not, i always felt that if i had a question others did too....
blessings, :L, drlaura