Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dr. Timothy Leary: 1964 lecture on How To Use Your Head

The Psychedelic Salon
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This episode of the Psychedelic Salon features Dr. Timothy Leary. kicking off the 1960's psychedelic revolution in his famous November 29, 1964 Cooper Union address. The first time the American public learns about the mind expanding drug called LSD.

[All quotes below are by Dr. Timothy Leary]

"You have to go out of your mind to use your head."

"Now, in taking this eccentric position, of taking the brain seriously, you run the risk of getting out of touch with your professional colloquies."

"Now from the standpoint of the strategy of the genetic material, every living species is simply a creative solution to a packaging problem."

"This [early imprinting of young ducklings on orange basketballs instead of mother ducks] is both funny and tragic, because it raises the question, in the case of the human being, what accidental orange basketball have you and I been exposed to early in life?"

"At times it seems to us that one of the functions of the mind is to rationalize and protect an accidental early imprint."

"We suggest that psychedelic drugs may be seen as chemical agents which temporarily suspend your old imprints."

"The thing which excites us these days is the corollary concept of psychedelic RE-imprinting."

"I think that anyone who doesn’t experience, at some moment during their psychedelic sessions, and intense awe-full fear has been cheated by their psychiatrist or their bootlegger."

"LSD is the most powerful aphrodisiac ever known to man."

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Star Larvae said...

Just thought if you were interested in the legacy of Dr. Leary's later work, you might enjoy the explications and reverberations offered HERE