Friday, February 29, 2008

All things Terence McKenna Online

For all of you who miss Terence McKenna. His ideas, philosophy, spirit, love, humor, intellect, writing, workshops and lectures. I wanted to assemble all my favorite sources for all things McKenna Online all in one place, right here on my blog. His message is important to the future of our species and insuring it is readily available to all is of great importance.

First off, if you don't do so all ready. Become a subscriber to The Psychedelic Salon hosted by Lorenzo. He features some really good McKenna talks and keeps everyone up to date with whats happening in our community. Be sure to look over the past episodes. So far 66 of them involve Terence.

Here are some of the sites that feature Terence McKenna (and related) Digital Media files:
Then there are the websites:
If I am missing any good sites or links. Please share them in the comments of this blog entry. May the spirit of Terence McKenna reside online for all the world until the eschaton and beyond.


Anonymous said...

this is a pretty good one.

tmh said...

just have to say your have great links! thanks for sharing!

NatureLovesCourage said...

If you like Terence McKenna and Music, check out NatureLovesCourage available on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon & more. This music was magically listened to and endorsed by Terence himself. Checkitout. Mahalo!