Friday, June 20, 2008

NEW LSD assisted Psychotherapy study begins!

To: EROCx1
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2008
Subject: MAPS News: June 2008
First legal dose of LSD administered!

The New LSD Assisted Psychotherapy Study Begins! The first subject was treated in Peter Gasser, MDs LSD/end-of-life anxiety study in Switzerland on May 13th. This marks the beginning of what will become the first LSD-assisted psychotherapy study in over 36 years. While were sad that Albert Hofmann didnt live to actually see the first administration of LSD in this study, were glad he knew the study was fully approved and that the initial subject was going to be enrolled in the study soon. This subjects second and final experimental session will take place on June 27.

Dr. Gasser's protocol is for a preliminary 12 patient, double-blind study designed to gather basic information on safety and efficacy for this patient population. This study will also be used to guide in the development of our treatment approach. Though there has been substantial prior research with LSD in cancer patients that demonstrated safety and some degree of efficacy, that research was conducted over 36 years ago. In order to generate data that will be accepted by today's regulatory agencies, new protocols must meet modern drug development standards. Research must start from scratch and build carefully.

Dr. Gasser will be writing about the details of this initial research in his report for the upcoming Summer MAPS Bulletin.

So far, many generous MAPS supporters have pledged $125,000 of the $225,000 needed to complete this important study, and we all have faith that enough people will feel called to donate the remaining $100,000.

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