Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Terence McKenna: The Alchemical Dream

The Alchemical Dream- Rebirth Of The Great Work [2008]

The Alchemical Dream 
In the mid-1990's Terence McKenna and Mystic Fire's Sheldon Rocklin teamed up to make this rich and exciting film. Little did they know that this would be their last film. Filmed in Prague with Terence portraying his usual erudite rendition of the Irish Bard, this filmed classic takes us on a journey into the alchemical renaissance of King Frederick V and his wife Queen Elizabeth of Bohemia. Playing the role of John Dee, court magician for Queen Elizabeth of England, Terence McKenna shows us how the promise of a return to the tradition of alchemy was almost instituted in Europe. He also shows us that this early attempt at the creation of an alchemical kingdom actually lead to the European Renaissance and the institution of Cartesian science and the beginnings of rationalism within the western mindset. This incredible film is not only beautifully filmed but is one of Terence McKenna’s finest performances and a worthy eulogy to his genius.

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muzuzuzus said...

Thankyou for showing this video. I really enjoyed it.

I critique, however, McKenna's conclusion about Rene Descarte and the 'alchemical angel' as being a continuum of the alchemical dream.
For Descartes/Cartesian dualism rather gave the world the excuse for most massive and horrific abuse of animals under the guise of 'science', and also --as is inevitable after abuse of other animals--the terrible abuse of people via the onsuing mechanical-based 'scienctific' industrialism which was/is cut OFF from nature, from magic, from spirituality from love, from the world and universe.
To realize this is to begin healing from it.