Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Josh Homan: A Holistic View of Ayahuasca

Josh Homan

Gnostic Media Podcast #059
Featuring: Josh Homan
Recorded: Nov 16, 2009

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Josh Homan has been researching Ayahuasca shamanism in Peru for a number of years. Josh is a grad student from Kansas University at Lawrence. This interview offers some unique answers to the following questions.

What are some of the differences between individual Ayahuasca Shamans.

Is Ayahuasca tourism as dangerous as some claim?

What are the real dangers of Ayahuasca tourism, and what are the benefits?

How do shamanic ideas spread?

What is dog shamanism?

What are the differences between tourist use of Ayahuasca and that of local peoples?

How does tobacco play into Amazonian shamanism?

What is a holistic approach to Ayahuasca?


Johnny Appleseed said...

why cant you guys TRANSCRIBE THIS STUFF? Im knee deep in some Vandross here, and now ive gotta pause my itunes so that i can hear J-HO school me about some dog magic. this is the future people! TRANSCRIBE!

also: is this guy suggesting that i POISON my sick dog back to health? does that really work? like AJAX?

and if that doesnt work, i should tie the dog up to a S&M rack until it pukes and craps all over itself?

im going to try this.

EROCx1 said...

I love transcriptions too. Jan is having many of his interviews transcribed for a book project which is nearly done being edited.

No one is suggesting that anyone poisons their dog. This is an anthropologic observation which I have never heard of before. These same people are initiated in this custom as are many of their children on the Shamanic path.

Feeding a dog Ajax is a bad idea!

Johnny Appleseed said...

if feeding drake ajax was a bad idea, then that may explain his sudden downturn in health... Crap. wish id have known that last night.

hey, what will happen if i rack him up and dose him with some of that stuff?