Saturday, January 23, 2010

YouTube Disco: New Music Discovery Project

YouTube Disco YouTube’s New Pandora like Music Discovery Project and Playlist Creation Tool. Allows you to use YouTubes massive video archives as your own personal music video playlist. Just plug in an artists name and begin. [Artist video] stays artist specific and [Mix Tape] mixes in other similar artists like Pandora does.
I got great results when I searched for: Shpongle, Underworld, Moby, DJ Dan, Tiësto, ATB, Beastie Boys and plenty of others. Follow your own tastes. Its a great media player that you can just let go while working or do other things and the videos are fun to watch. Sorta like having your own custom MTV channel only with good music and no commercial interruptions. If you like saving media locally, RealPlayer saves these perfectly and you can convert to iPod video or Mp3. Had minor issues with Internet Explorer. Ran flawless in Firefox. Looking forward to future developments. Check it out.


Wretha said...

The top link where you spell disco with a D instead of a d doesn't work, the bottom link is correct.

Change Disco to disco and it works.


EROCx1 said...

Thanks Wretha, think I fixed it.