Wednesday, December 22, 2010

up early & turned on MTV…

I woke up early and figured I would turn on the TV (which I rarely do). while I got some work done The only channel not propagandizing Obama’s don’t ask don’t tell distraction, I mean reform was MTV. So I thought some music cant hurt. Lets see what the children of America are listening to this morning. Up comes a video of Kanye West on a sampler from his 2010 VMA performance (or lack there of) that I must have missed, unless its on at 4:00AM now =0) OK, I've seen Chimpanzees make better music with a Speak and Spell on National Geographic. Not only is the sampling horrific, he tries to fool everyone into thinking he is a musician by pretending to play a keyboard my adjusting the mid-tone on a sampler. Then he sings a song about toasting himself. Although I'm pretty sure in his mind the song is about someone else. WTF!

Next up was a video of Cee Lo Green which made me LOL in a state of shock on what can be played on MTV these days. I actually dig this one as a grown up. However as a parent, its pretty upsetting the producer used kids in this video. Children often imitate whats on TV, so expect to hear your kids singing F' You soon.

Now I've been outta the music biz since the 90’s but the Elektra logo at the end has me thinking both these guys work for Mike Caren. Come on man.

Happy almost Christmas everyone. Its time to bump my origins of Christmas posts from years past. Wishing you all the best! -E

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Q said...

Kanye must have been absent on the day they taught "let the MC flow" in Hip Hop school. If a DJ dropped a mess of fuzzy who got ya samples on him, he would be throwing a tantrum.