Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dr. Timothy Leary: Evolution of Intelligence

Dr. Timothy Leary

From: The Psychedelic Salon
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Guest speaker: Dr. Timothy Leary

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[NOTE: All quotations below are by Timothy Leary.]

"The evolution of intelligence: Now this is a very interesting idea. It means that the way not just to survive but to evolve is to get smarter.

"I think it’s time to dust off the word pagan again. The word pagan seems to mean one who loves life. A pagan is someone who loves humanity and would never dream of oppressing humanity with Original Sins and other life sentences, which distract from self-esteem and courage and self-confidence."

"We were not descended from chimpanzees or apes, we are teenage, juvenile chimps or apes that didn’t grow up and develop tails and swing around in trees. . . . In many aspects, the human species is an immature species. We haven’t committed ourselves to a final form, and therein, perhaps, lies our great usefulness to the DNA code and the biological wisdom."

"If you want to increase your intelligence, if you want to evolve, and grow, and go through the changes, the many changes that are possible, at all costs avoid terminal adulthood."

"If you stay in the same place, you tend, obviously, to not be exposed to new challenges, and you’re not going to be under pressure to grow. Although, it is well known though, that if you migrate, if you want to change, if you want to grow, if you want to develop, if you want to reach a higher level, a standard genetic tactic, and a standard human tactic, is to migrate to a new frontier where you have a chance to develop and grow."

"People born in the same generation share an unspoken sense of reality throughout the world."

"DNA uses juvenilization, mutation and change in the young, only when there’s a challenge that the old way can’t face."

"The last fifty years of the twentieth century in this country are simply the history of the baby boom moving like a pig through a python through American culture."

"If you find yourself in a generation that is pretty stuffy, migrate! A generation is an island in time. … You’re as old as the people you hang out with."

"The intelligent evolutionary tradition has always been intelligent skepticism of authority."

"Throughout human history, those in power have been wrong 99% of the time."

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