Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fraser Clark has left this reality

Fraser Clark

It is with sadness that I share with you this news. Fraser Clark, a great friend to the world has passed away. His lifes work was making the world a better place. I have know Fraser since the mid 90's. Although I lost touch with him for several years, we had reconnect online and had been sharing correspondence over the past few years. When I first met Fraser, he along with Leary really opened my eyes to the deep significance of Rave Culture when previously I thought it was only about money, music and pharmacology. It was something much more special and important and I hope that a new movement will emerge again soon.

When I left Los Angeles and sold out to become a corporate slave. There was a period in which I become a bit depressed and that's around the time that Fraser and I had re-connected on the internet. Fraser encouraged me not to forget the lessons that I learned from my more enlightened days and recomended that I returned to the community that I loved. I had expressed to him why I left the rave scene. Below was his reply to me:


i've never seen the movement die out. it's spread widely thru the culture, far more people planet-wide are raving than EVER; if we're talking just the music it's now become the background theme of our world. it's like the hippy thing really, it didn't die, it was forced underground. a lotta people dropped back in but i always saw them pretty much as u describe yourself now. If there was ever a REAL chance of changing the culture you'd be there in a shot. i know that. and they're each spreading their attitude out locally and these waves do connect ultimately. Why don't you take some initiative and help kick off another wave."
-Fraser Clark

It was with these emails that I began seeking out long lost friends, made new ones, began reaching out on the internet with my homepage, blog and eventually opened Gaian Botanicals. A way that I could try and help kick off another wave. Network with others, share ideas, philosophy, news and ethnbotanicals. As Fraser wrote in Monkey's Trip:

"First, as the present growing alternative community (in its widest sense) and eventually as a Global Society (or federation of Societies) we must reconnect with the Cultural Cluster of ideals, visions, longings, utopian ideas, spirituality, and longings for Unity, Peace and Community which were almost certainly first stirred in their purest forms in archaic times, guided humankind until the Christian Fiasco, and could guide us again.

Put it another way. every one of the burgeoning plethora of idealistic movements and ideas today, which almost compete to focus our activity towards Change, are details within the overall Vision (as in Seeing It As It Is) which, when it is activated once more within each individual, will effortlessly and inevitably bring them all about, by general agreement. the Live 8 type of mega events and gigantic peace & eco marches express a new feeling for the planet and Life where many many people experience a sort of GroupMind, of being part of a Community, of fighting for ourselves and our planet.

here's my slogan for the next decade - make HIStory HERstory!

How right the Greeks were to hedge about this Mystery, this imbibing of the potion, with secrecy and surveillance. Perhaps with all our modern knowledge we do not need the divine mushroom any more. Or do we need them more than ever? Gordon Wasson: The Road to Eleusis.."

With Fraser joining the realm of the ancestor spirits such as Terence McKenna, Timothy Leary, Albert Hofmann. I am certain it will be a great place to experiance, when all our time's come.

Thanks you Fraser, may your contributions to this world live on forever. You will be missed here on earth.

Link: Opaque Lens's tribute to Fraser on Shamanic Freedom Radio

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