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Terence McKenna: Dream Awake - the complete version


Many of us have heard an online 35 minute mp3 of Terence McKenna's popular lecture entitled "Dream Awake" given in San Francisco on December 13, 1998. Last week I was pleasantly surprised to hear that an additional 90 minutes of this awesome talk is now available thanks to a friend of the Psychedelic Salon in Portugal named Miguel. He recently converted this complete two hour mp3 from a video of the lecture and Q&A. This complete version is one of his best talks ever. A real treat for both McKenn-ites and McKenn-noobs alike. In fact if I had to recommend only one of Terence's talks, this would be this one.

Download this Mp3: HERE

Some of the highlights are:

  • The world is made of language

  • Cultures are like operating systems

What culture provides is a bunch of rules, so you don't have to think and a bunch of myths, so you don't have to think again. Culture has all the answers. Want to know where people came from? Well when the sky god got out of his canoe at first waterfall and took a leak then we the true people appeared like ants and we have been living here ever since...

Now technology throws a curve. And the curve is that we live so long, that we figure out what a scam this is. We figure out what what were supposed to work for isn't worth having, we figure out that our politicians are buffoons, we figure out that professional scientist are reputation building grab tailing weasels. We discover that all organizations are corrupted by ambition. You get the picture, "we figure it out". Well then as intellectuals and any one who figures it out is an intellectual believe me because their slinging the programming to push you the other way. So then intellectuals defined as people who figured it out, discover that you are alienated. That's what figuring it out means. It means you understand that the BMW, the Harvard degree and what ever, that this is all baloney and manipulated and hyped and that most are clueless people figuring out which fork they should use...

By dissolving boundaries they are exposing the cultural operating system for what it is. Which is just a bunch of hacked together rules that evolved over time. They weren't sent from god or from Mt. Sinai, its just a bunch of hacked together rules.

  • How the LD50 helps determine which drugs are are safe

A good drug is drug where the LD50 is 200x the effective dose.

In the case of LSD the LD50 for man has never been determined. That's how safe LSD is.

The LD50 of pyslicibyn is also very impressive. You can take 100x the effective dose an expect to live.

Mescaline as an amphetamine if you took 20x the effective dose of mescaline you would probably die. Of course an effective dose is nearly a gram of pure material, 700mg. If you took 20 x 700mg you would be taking nearly 2/3rds of an ounce of Mescaline why should you survive? After all stupidity does have consequences.

  • One of his best descriptions of the Datura experience
  • How science is different then religion

Science for all its flaws is the only tool for understanding the nature of reality that has any sort of track record what so ever. The others just have a story to tell. The Buddha story, the Jesus story, fine stories but that's all they have is a rap...

Science is the only the only explanatory system where you get points for proving your wrong. You form a hypothesis, you publish a paper, then you do further experiments. You discover your conclusions in Paper A were completely wrong. You retract Paper A and issue Paper B and your fellow scientist say this guy does very good work. These are careful thinkers, you can bank on these people. Their not flaky.

What religion operates like that? Could imagine coming out of the Ashram and having the Guru say to his students well we managed to reduce that hypothesis to rubble in morning wake meditation didn't we?

  • One of his best descriptions of the DMT experience
  • 2012 and the end of a cosmic cycle

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DJ Phalaris used a great sample from this talk in his Mixtapology Vol.2 podcast, which you can find here:

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