Monday, December 29, 2008

The Esoteric Agenda

For those of you who found films such as The Pharmacratic Inquisition, Zeitgeist & the Addendum interesting, I would like to recommend The Esoteric Agenda. While there are a couple of inaccuracies and some of the claims are are pretty far out. Its maker defiantly does an excellent good job of presenting a possible "big picture" by weaving the Illuminati, occult, world banks, governments, churches and corporations into one giant network of conspiracies.

While I prefer to think along the lines of Terence McKennas idea that "what's even more frightening then conspiracy theory is the possibility that nobody is in charge". However also being a student of Robert A. Wilson, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson and Dr. Timothy Leary's work I believe that governments, corporations, religious and educational institutions have their own dark agendas that by one means or another. Essentially enslave all of humanity for their own benefit. So with that being said, my recommending this film does not mean I believe all of it to be the truth. But the ideas being presented are worth your consideration. If they interest you, do your homework and form your own version of reality. Think for yourself, question authority.

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