Thursday, December 11, 2008

Aquarius Rising by Pierre Sogol

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Found by way of my friend Lorenzo

Aquarius Rising by Pierre Sogol.
Bringing a rare 1967 film documenting
hippie life in California back to life!

Grateful thanks to Bruce Damer, Rob Menzies, Leon Tabory, Al Lundell and many others, this classic documentary may now be seen online. This material is informing a number of projects including Holly Rae Harman's history of the Ben Lomond Holiday Commune and Ralph Abraham's HIP Santa Cruz History Project.

Aquarius Rising Chapter 1: (Above) Begins with flashing facts about the entheogen's impact on religion & civilization. Then documents a Be-In in Orange County, Various festivals in LA, the Sunset Riots and the resulting hearings.

Aquarius Rising Chapter 2: In this chapter they visit the “strawberry fields” LSD commune in the hills near Thousand Oaks, CA. They also stop in at the nearby Renaissance Pleasure Faire.

Aquarius Rising Chapter 3: In this episode, the gang goes to the “New Mecca” (San Francisco). Scenes from the Haight, hippie wedding, Summer of Love, Natasha’s tale, Oregon LSD trip, Nancy (who reappears frequently in other chapters), July 4th in Golden Gate Park.

Aquarius Rising Chapter 4: Here we hear from Nancy, and witness open drug dealing on the streets of Haight-Ashbury during the Summer of Love.

Aquarius Rising Chapter 5: In this episode we have more scenes from OM Holiday Commune (Ben Lomond). Next we go to Love Street to Betty’s house (Elizabeth Gips) in the Haight for a group discussion. Then jump to a public hearing about hippies, end with Stephen on guitar.

Aquarius Rising Chapter 6: Here we witness Camilla (visiting the famous Betty) and tripping on LSD on the beach at Bodega Bay. Next a trip on OM Holiday Commune’s magic bus down to Ben Lomond Holiday Commune, Nancy the “Florence Nightingale of the Haight” arrives, and some good sitar was played.

Aquarius Rising Chapter 7: This last chapter or “appendix” shows various scenes and rolls credits and opinions.

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