Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Was Jesus a Mushroom?

Since the Shamanic origins of Christmas was so popular, lets take it take this a little further and think about the entheogenic origins of Christianity. Below are links to download a fascinating discussion by Martin Ball and Jan Irvin entitled "Was Jesus a Mushroom?" Jesus_Mushrooms

Available for free Mp3 download as a two episode podcast from the Entheogenic Evolution.

Was Jesus a Mushroom: Part 1
Was Jesus a Mushroom: Part 2

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This interview focuses on John Allegro's research with the Dead Sea Scrolls along with other evidence indicating that Jesus was not an actual person but rather a psychedelic experience. Many of the biblical stories were derived from pagan fertility cults who used the sacred mushroom as a sacrament.

John Marco Allegro was one of the worlds leading philologists, putting his neck on the line when he wrote, "The Sacred Mushroom And The Cross" which made numerous connections from sacred doctrinal enigmas and sacraments to the Amanita muscaria. He fearlessly attempted to expose the reality of the mushroom symbolism throughout the Bible, Apocryphal writings, and The Dead Sea Scrolls. He was fully aware of the criticism his book would draw, yet as a true scholar, knowing the importance of the information, he put self aside for the good of all. Most criticism surrounding Allegro is a remnant of the fundamentalist bashing he took for exposing the Jesus Myth. Jesus IS the mushroom Anthropomorphized just like Santa, Mithra, Chrishna, Rudra etc.

Jan Irvin is the co-author of the book Astrotheology and Shamanism, the co-producer of The Pharmacratic Inquisition, host of The Gnostic Media Podcast and the author of his recently released book The Holy Mushroom.

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