Saturday, December 6, 2008

Daniel Siebert: Salvia divinorum from A–Z

Daniel Siebert

Daniel Siebert
Everything you've ever wanted to know about Salvia divinorum.

From the Entheogenic Evolution

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Part 2: MP3 Download

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Part 1 focuses on the Mazatec Shamans and their ceremonial use of Salvia and Psilocybin mushrooms. Since most of Salvia plants are propagated from cutting, technically all the worlds Salvia is from the same plant. Daniel also shares his thoughts and evidence that this "mother" plant may not even be originally from the Sierra Mazatec as commonly believed. Salvia divinorum is truly a mystery. 

Part 2 tells the story of how Salvia divinorum made her way in to modern western civilization and more recently to the global market. From the earliest specimens first brought back to the isolation and discovery of Salvinorin A. Daniel also talks about his pioneering experiments with Salvia and the possible future of the Sage.

You may also find my recent interview about the ethnobotanical industry of interest. I can be found at: EROCx1 discusses ethnobotanicals on the Entheogenic Evolution.

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Anonymous said...

... I still think he looks like Kenny G.

But thanks for that - I'm giving a presentation on mushrooms next week, so Part 1 should be helpful.

Anonymous said...

The Part 2 link is dead. Please re-post.... Thanks in advance.

EROCx1 said...

I will talk to Martin about getting these old episodes hosted elsewhere. I have a feeling his podomatic account is filling up. If you find Martin's work interesting. please consider making a donation.

what is salvia divinorum said...

I guess this plant (salvia divinorum) has been historically used for divinatory and medicinal purposes and is used today as a legal smoking herb.