Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dennis McKenna @ the 2008 World Psychedelic forum

Dennis McKenna Ph.D.
As presentated at the

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Dennis Mckenna Lecture One: "Psychedelics in basic neuroscience and clinical practise" from the world Psychedelic forum. Dennis Mckenna talks about the ancient use of psychedelics by indigenus cultures, the role of the shaman, and shamanic techniques of ecstasy, the pharmacology of psychedelics, serotonin receptors, true psychedelics and quasi-psychedelics such as Salvia Divinorum and MDMA, the use of psychedelics for studying the neural substrate of consciousness, various neuroscientists and their research projects, comparison of psilocybin to meditation, psychedelics and mystical/religious experiences, and the use of psychedelics to treat addiction and obssessive compulsive disorder.

Dennis Mckenna Lecture Two: "Bitter brews and other abominations: the use of some little known psychoactive agents". Dennis talks about nature, the 'cornocopia of molecular diversity', the relation of DMT to tryptophan, the distribution of DMT in nature and Alex Shulgin's observations, Charles Nichol's research, Salvinorin-A receptors, psychotropic fish, the toxic pufferfish delicacy in Japan, psychedelic toads, bufotenine psychoactive frogs, near death experiences, spiders on drugs, insects in DMT visions, Jonathon Ott, ambrosia nectar and psychoactive honey, the 'bee-god' and cave-paintings of mushroom shamans from the Tassilli Plateau,psychoactive snakes, snake venom used to treat heroin addiction in India, Mimosa Hostilis and its orally active DMT component 'juremamine', pre-emptive prohibition of plant species.

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