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Amanda Feilding: Expanded Consciousness and its Importance

Expanded Consciousness and its Importance to Survival

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This talk from the 2008 World Psychedelic forum is given by Amanda Feilding of the Beckley foundation, entitled 'expanded consciousness and its importance to survival'.

Amanda talks about the specturm of states of consciousness, the benefits of expanding and altering consciousness, the neurophysiology of altered states, prehistoric man, altered consciousness and cultural evolution, the psychedelic transformation of the 1960s, the Eleuinian mysteries, Benny Shannon's writings on the use of Acacia and Harmal (ayahuasca analogue) in ancient Egypt, the potential benefits of psychedelics for modern society, the ability of psychedelics to increase blood flow to the brain, the importance of increased cerebral circulation, the scientific understanding of consciousness, Beckley foundation's research projects, obstacles to scientific research into psychedelics, LSD assisted psychotherapy, using psilocybin to help with addiction problems and represssed memories, development of new antidepressant medications based on ketamine research, the antipsychotic component of cannabis, using an EEG on people meditating, trebination to increase blood supply to the brain, potential for use to delay the onset of dementia in old age, bringing the light of reason to drug policy, the evidence based approach to drug policy, the lack of attention being paid to the potential benefits of illegal drugs such as LSD and ecstasy, the road to a 'new Eleusis'.

In recent years, Amanda has taken part in different conferences where she has given the following talks:

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