Saturday, August 23, 2008

4th International Amazonian Shamanism Conference: FREE Mp3 Downloads

Amazonian Shamanism Conference

For those of you (like me) who unfortunately could not attend the fourth annual Amazonian Shamanism Conference in Iquitos Peru this summer. I have some good news that I am happy to share with you. A number of  presentations were recorded and are available online for NO charge. These include talks and presentations by: real Shaman & Curandero's, Dennis McKenna, Robert Forte, Frank Echenhofer, Pablo Amaringo, Dr. Richard Grossman, Jimmy Weiskopf, and many other luminaries of this field. Enjoy!

Download the complete Mp3 collection: [1GB Zip file]
Right click and save as.

Individual Audio Files in Mp3 format
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64Kbps VBR
Opening - Conference Blessing 455 KB 1.5 MB
Dennis McKenna - Plant Teachers 55 MB 200 MB
John Alexander - Near Death Experiences 28 MB 95 MB
Robert Forte - In A Civilized Country 35 MB 120 MB
Wendy Lucky - Huachuma 26 MB 83 MB
Jimmy Weiskopf - Ayahuasca 39 MB 123 MB
Peter Gorman - A Cautionary Tale 20 MB 67 MB
Dennis Weir - Trance 24 MB 82 MB
Frank Echenhoffer - Altered States 35 MB 109 MB
Aeli Ronin Yaka - A Magical Life 19 MB 56 MB
Richard Grossman - Sound Healing 27 MB 92 MB
Ananda - Entheogens & Hadronic Mechanics 20 MB 57 MB
Pablo Amaringo - Ayahuasca & Healing 40 MB 121 MB
Peter Michael Kilbryde - Irish Icaros 26 MB 81 MB
Maria Gilissen B - Aya Recreation Song 11 MB 36 MB
Augustin Rivas - Interlude 1.7 MB 5.3 MB
Boras - Dance & Music 4.0 MB 14 MB
Boras - Dance & Music 2 7.6 MB 24 MB
Shipibos - Dance & Music 1.6 MB 5.5 MB
Yaguas - Dance & Music 4.9 MB 16 MB

Above files are hosted by: The Internet Archive
The C-Realm: Dennis McKenna and KMO & Jim Clark


Anonymous said...

Oh my! This is great! Looking forward to listen to 'em all!

Sean said...

Thank you so so so so much! I've already listened to Mr. McKenna and wow, what an awesome talk. I can't wait to make my way through some more of these (no doubt) wonderful talks. Thank you for sharing this, thank you endlessly. I know it may not seem like an earth shattering contribution, but gestures like this really do help. I was thinking and wishing this year when everyone was talking about the Shamanism conferences in Iquitos, thinking how much I'd love to be there--wishing that I could afford to go. So although no doubt these talks are far from the "full experience" of the Shamanism conference, there addition here is a very kind and generous gesture. These are among the people we should be listening to, now...and I will! Thanks to all the people who brought this to the world. said...

Quite useful material, much thanks for this article.

Anonymous said...

This makes me so happy :)

David miller said...

wow....these all are nice songs!!
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