Friday, August 15, 2008

UPDATE on the Kenneth Rau Salvia divinorum arrest


The prosecutors in North Dakota want Kenneth Rau to spend the next 5 years of his life in prison for possession of Salvia divinorum leaf! Anyone who has had the great misfortune of standing in a court room to hear the Great State of ..... Against little old you; knows prosecution throws these offers at you like a McDonald's cashier asks if you would like to Supersize your meal. They want to incarcerate a man who works, pays his taxes and is no threat to the public for 5 years all because he has an interest in ethnobotanicals. This is an outrage.

"My lawyer told me she offered me five years if I pleaded guilty," said Rau. "He
said he didn't think I would take it, but he had to ask. He was right -- I am not going to accept that. I just don't think depriving someone of his freedom for some dried plant leaves is right."

Rau, a bottling plant worker with an interest in herbalism, altered states, and religion and spirituality, was arrested by Bismarck police on April 9 when they searched his home looking for his adult son, who was on probation for drug charges. Police found a marijuana pipe, eight ounces of salvia leaf, a quantity of amanita muscaria mushrooms, and a number of other herbal products.

Although Rau bought the salvia leaf on eBay for $32, he faces a possible 20-year sentence after being charged with possession of the now controlled substance with the intent to distribute, based on prosecutors' assertions that the leaf contained hundreds of possible doses.
The complete article can be found HERE

Original post: North Dakota Man Facing Years in Prison After Buying Salvia Divinorum On eBay


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