Monday, July 5, 2010

The Conscious Video Directory

Conscious Video Directory

The Conscious Video Directory aka CVD is an enormous collection of over 250 online videos from short Documentaries [30mins-1hr] to much longer in depth Research Films [2hrs-4hrs] accessible to all for the unbeatable price of FREE! These films cover a wide range of topics rarely found in mainstream culture, anyone reading this blog entry is certain to find plenty of interesting films to watch online and possibly saved if you have some sort of video capturing software installed. [*RealPlayer wouldn't work for me]. It would be awesome if they could be burned to DVD, Divx or saved to be viewed on a media player. Maybe I just need to get with the times and hook a PC to my TV. I don't particularly enjoy watching a film at my desk where I work. Regardless, this site it a phenomenal resource. Big thanks to Derek Gedney, your efforts to spread truth and awareness are greatly appreciated!

A complete list if films is available HERE.

Just thought I would share!



joven said...

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Curry said...

The "Great Work" series on here is incredible. And so far it strengthens my opinion that Prometheus Rising is one of the greatest books of the twentieth century. said...

Very helpful info, much thanks for your post.