Monday, June 6, 2011

Jan Irvin: Logic, Fallacies & the Trivium

Tony Myers interviewing Jan Irvin following his
appearance at the Free Your Mind Conference

This interview goes into Entheogens, Critical Thinking, Logical Fallacies and the 7 Liberal Arts which are divided into the Trivium ("the three roads") and the Quadrivium ("the four roads").

The Trivium consists of:

  • Grammar
  • Rhetoric
  • Logic

The Quadrivium consists of:

  • Arithmetic - Number in itself
  • Geometry - Number in space
  • Music, Harmonics, or Tuning Theory - Number in time
  • Astronomy or Cosmology - Number in space and time

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Notes, links, references, etc.:
Transcript of this episode, for your convenience.
1.     Jan Irvin’s Trivium and Quadrivium
interviews with Gene Odening, episodes 49, 50, 51
          a.    Video version: Trivium
          b.    Video version: Quadrivium
2.     Jan Irvin’s Fallacy interviews with Dr. Michael Labossiere
3.     Dr. Labossiere’s Fallacy video
4.     Peace Revolution episodes 1, 2, 3, etc., an entire podcast dedicated to a comprehensive or full-spectrum education
5.     What You’ve Been Missing episodes 1 and 2
6.    Government / "to control the mind" etymology:
from the Latin, mens, mentis, menti, mentem, mente; which are 3rd declension nouns which mean "mind", the ablative meaning "the mind". Gubernare (to control) + mente (the mind) = the root of government (to control the mind).

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