Sunday, November 2, 2008

Disinformation: The Podcast series

Disinformation company, the people who brought us DisinfoCon: Featuring Robert Anton Wilson, Mark Pesce, Douglas Rushkoff, Grant Morrison, Kenneth Anger and other great thinkers / speakers. Also they published the works of Graham Hancock, Richard Dawkins, Jim Marrs, Robert Bauval, Preston Peet, Richard Metzger, Grant Morrison among many other excellent authors. Have teamed up with Raymond Wiley and Joe McFall, the former co-hosts of Out There Radio to bring us the The Disinformation Podcast series!

In this inaugural episode of the Disinformation Podcast, Raymond and Joe speak with author Robert Bauval about his new book The Egypt Code. Robert Bauval is the author of The Orion Mystery and co-author, with Graham Hancock, of Talisman. His new book, The Egypt Code, explores the relationship between ancient Egyptian myth, ritual, architecture and astronomy. Mr. Bauval discuss his life, his work and his philosophy.

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